Community strategy and management

Growing and sustaining an active online community takes time, resource commitment and specialist 'community management ' skill and experience.

Technology - features, usability, analytics etc - matters, of course, and we can help you take advantage here.

Business and organisational questions

But we can also help you address business and organisational questions that are potentially much more challenging:

How serious are you?

Is community engagement a strategic business investment with key business decision makers involved, or is it just a tactical bolt-on to your existing marketing activity?

How well prepared are you?

Have you developed a practical action plan that covers the different processes in a typical community lifecycle, or is this something you feel "we just need to have a go at"?

Are your business goals realistic?

Have you considered the limitations as well as the opportunities implicit in your community engagement aspirations?

Are you in for the long term?

What timescale have you applied to the process of transforming your business from being product to community centric?



Community strategy

Action plan

Technology platform design & implementation

Community management and development