Open source solutions and integration

More and more organisations are adopting open source based software solutions: for example a recent membership sector survey by the MemberWise Network revealed that 48% favour open source solutions, with the most popular being Drupal.

Evaluating the opportunity

However, just because there may be a prevailing trend doesn't necessarily mean it's the right approach for your organisation.

The debate around comparative total cost of ownership, reliability, scalability, customisability, ease-of use, security and so on between proponents of proprietary and open source software continues.

We have hands on experience of helping organisations, both large and small, evaluate whether or not an open source based approach is right for them.

Adopting open source software

From proof of concept through implementation, testing, training and support, we also have experience of designing and delivering open source based solutions for a range of clients in the publishing, membership and not-for-profit sectors.



Business analysis

Proof of technology

Solution design & implementation

Testing and support