Our Approach

There are many ways to approach potentially complex innovation and technology projects.

Our methodology is based on a solid foundation of business analysis and a phased development process.

For every project we always:

work closely with our clients throughout the project

analyse existing business processes thoroughly

spend time with the people who will have to use the solutions we propose

define the end goals clearly and concisely

agree on how project success will be measured against these

Solutions delivery

We aim to provide working solutions delivered as early as possible with all process change and technical developments stakeholder tested and reviewed, and then improved and extended where appropriate.

However, in achieving this we will not compromise our clients' needs to accommodate a project within the scope of their existing commitments and activity.

Our dedication to open source technologies

Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to exploiting the technical innovation and flexibility that is possible with open source based knowledge and experience.

Open source based technologies, such as Drupal, CiviCRM and Alfresco, all have the advantage of being backed by global communities of technical experts, rather than individual suppliers, no matter how large and established those may be. Like us, these innovative communities are committed to best practice in architecture and security, and the adoption of evolving technology.


Our approach to managing change

We have detailed, hands-on experience of helping clients manage internal change associated with digital projects.

Our people-focused approach is designed to ensure that change is effectively embraced, adopted and utilised by our clients' team members who have to do their jobs differently as a result of the project we have helped design and deliver.